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LSW Prison Project
Mission Statement

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The LSW Prison Project aims to utilise the language of Shakespeare (alongside that of other major dramatic voices/thinkers) as a tool; a stepping stone to change through effective interaction. For many offenders entitlement to such has been all but previously impossible. All too often disempowered by their own lives within (and formerly without) the prison, the glory and the power of Shakespeare's language (alongside that exemplified by other key dramatic forces) is something that the Prison residents can suddenly find for themselves; something they can share, and, most importantly, something which they can own. Their personal joy in that self-same discovery is something which can’t be taken away from them. The offenders at the various prisons within which the LSW Prison Project is privileged to participate will come to realise for themselves, through the wholly interactive LSW Prison Project activities, that Shakespeare's language and the social and emotional literacy it inspires in others is their own shared birthright: That it is, in every way, as much and as freely their own as it is for the professional performers beside whom they stand and with whom they directly interact. That joy and the increased confidence wrought for all through that realisation is, ultimately, the LSW Prison Project’s trade of fare.

Through carefully developed programmes and by employing the glorious balm of the Bard’s language as its glue, the LSW Prison Project strives in the most engaging manner possible to expand the interpersonal skills of all involved. It aims, as a public service, to provide tools for each participant to:

foster the discovery of self-motivated developmental skills;  

to express themselves independently;

to grow confidence through the active self-detection of a voice rooted in expanded self-esteem;

to evolve for themselves, through these self-same means, an enhanced communicative deftness with which to share with others whilst,

at the same time, offering the prison residents access to creative artistry and an introduction to arts education which may not have been an easy option in the past.  

Fortunately now, after three years of active LSW Prison Project sessions, we know this progression can be realised and have factual evidence to back up our claims.

Simply, the LSW Prison Project aims to:-

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Promote Confidence
Will to Dream

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Promote Confidence
Through the Will to

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