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  How do

 My Daughter?

An inmate, Robert, enjoys a private LSW dramatic coaching session in one correctional centre,

while in another prison a group of thirty friends (inmates, ex-offenders and professional actors) gather to reflect on their common bonds as wrought through performing in Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 3. 

Their production has opened the night previous in a prison's chapel.  They call it: 'The Wax King'.

The intersection between the two sessions provides the interlocking drama.
The results of each inspire both tears and laugher.

How do You Know My Daughter? (37 minutes, 14 seconds)
is directed by Bruce Wall, Executive Producer of the Dreaming Will Initiative and
Chairman of the LSW Prison Project's Executive Committee

     How do You Know My Daughter? features the extraordinary talents of
the National Theatre and RSC veteran, Lynn Farleigh


Alongside a team of brilliant young talents amongst whose number fall:
 Oliver Senton (Richard, Duke of Gloucester); Rupert Mason (Warrick),
Tom Burke (Clifford), Natasha Powell (Queen Elizabeth),
Julius D'Silva (King Edward) and (forever young at heart)
the internationally noted Barry Morse (Old Soldier).

 but it is, as always, the inmates who make the difference in their head-on confrontation with life as seen through the glistening prism of Shakespeare. 
For most of the men (on this occasion) taking part, 'The Wax King' was a first-time experience with drama (let alone the Bard).  Moreover, additional inmates involved in the 'Dreaming Will' digital video editing and shooting training scheme (launched on 16th January 2003) took active part in the filming of How do You Know My Daughter? alongside media industry leaders.  In all over fifty people were involved in 'The Wax King' project.

For all of us, it was a life altering experience.

How do You Know My Daughter? is, simply, a collection of people speaking from the heart, much as Shakespeare's language so often instructs; nay, demands if it is to be successful in its delivery.

How do You Know My Daughter? shows the common lingual bond between actors and inmates -- namely, confidence (or, more often than not, a lack thereof) -- at joyous play.

How do You Know My Daughter? is, simply, a mutual celebration in the exploration of the mastery of self-esteem, simply rooted in the glorious music of Shakespeare's language.

The glory of Shakespeare's language serves now, as then,
as our universal common denominator.

Giving freedom for all to speak.


In the film you will hear one inmate, Rickie, pithily comment:-

"I think maybe at first we thought it was all a bit of a laugh; a bit of an escape, but the more you got into it the more you realised what you could get out of it -- And the more you put into it, the more you saw what you actually got back.  I realised that maybe I don't have to go and burgle someone when I get out; maybe I don't have to go and rob someone on the street because maybe I can do some of this acting thing, because -- because I like it and you can be whoever you want to be.  If you feel alienated by society, then you can become an actor and alienate them instead."


In the same spirit of co-operation and teamwork which feeds all London Shakespeare Workout Prison Project enterprises, we would like to share HOW DO YOU KNOW MY DAUGHTER? with you.  Please see below for contact instructions.

The Dreaming Will Initiative is a joint venture between the London Shakespeare Workout (LSW) Prison Project and Prisons Video Magazine (PVM) which (a) trains offenders, ex-offenders and professionals in the applied literacies inherent within the use of digital video (both shooting and editing), specifically as applied to the study of drama and other literature and (b) produces professional programmes on issues of contemporary societal import for distribution to all prisons throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

How do You Know My Daughter?  is available for presentation for educational purposes only
on a complimentary basis.  For permission to present How do You Know My Daughter?
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