I came to the workout yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed
myself. It was an inspiring afternoon and reaffirmed
to me many of the reasons why I love acting. Since
leaving RADA last July I have had some fantastic
experiences but yesterday's was undoubtedly the most
rewarding.     Tom Davey

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and found your work to
give hope and direction to those who are otherwise struggling
to find  a sense of definition utterly inspirational. I felt quite
humbled to  see the work, particularly of Fabian and Darren,
that seemed bursting with a real sense of energy and focus.
It served as a well-timed reminder (in this hectic term of
showcases and initiation into the  brutal business world
that drama sometimes seems to be) as to why I  decided to
try out this acting lark in the first place! . Katie Hayes

I really enjoyed myself and was so impressed by all present.
To see everyone tackle Shakespeare in such a way was inspiring.  I was left wanting with a feeling of wanting more.  .. Tom Mumford

I would like to thank you for the invaluble experience of last Sunday. It really opened my eyes and made me realise there are many self less ways to use performing arts. Darren was the first person in a long time to give me shivers during a live theatre experience! His sonnet was incredible. .... David Flynn

It's a very special project you have, and I feel privileged to
have been involved. I hope you know that workshops such as that one affect the actors as much as the inmates. It's all too easy in this business to get hung up on auditions, work or lack of it, and other such crap. Working with Terry, Joe and the other lads reminded me of what's important and why I'm doing this. So, thank you. . Carrie Qunlan  

Thank You for including me in your  activities at Brixton 
prison recently and it was a joy to watch someone so 
committed to their work and sharing it with others. 
 . Morgan Crowley

I got home from Brixton about 4 hours ago and I have yet to stop 
thinking about it. It was the most amazing Sunday I have spent 
in a LONG time. I had a fabulous time, but the sight of the boys 
waving us goodbye left me with a funny feeling that I can't 
shake off.  Mainly sadness I think, but then I keep thinking 
about different bits of the day, bits when people were clearly 
pleased with what they produced and the bits where we felt 
like a community laughing together at something and then the 
sadness subsides.

I just can't shake off how privileged I felt to be able to spend three hours with a group of people who probably can't even spend that long a period with their loved ones on visits. I just wanted to tell you that I didn't take this lightly and it truly meant a lot.

I felt the need to write to express my admiration of the astoundingly good project that as far as I can see can only bring more good, the larger it gets. I'd like to offer myself for any assistance you may require in the future as I would love to have the chance to be part of it again:  In any capacity. I would just love to be involved. The boys were so lovely and I would feel so lucky to have the chance to work with them again.

It was so exciting to see some of them do something, even just a line, a sound, and realise that they are complete naturals and are just going to get better, and have perhaps found their calling. If they choose to follow it. Raw talent! Made me think about my acting from a some what different angle and it just goes to show that what you have before training is probably the most precious of your talent.

I can not wait to come and see one of your projects, if they're not all sold out! Which sounds highly likely!  Sorry for such a long winded mail but I just couldn't rest until I shared my feelings of the day and the fondness and care I felt for everyone and am still experiencing hours after in my own home. . Sally Oliver 

It was a truly inspiring day and an experience I will never forget. It was so extraordinary and liberating to see the inmates release their energy in such a positive and joyful way. At the same time, I felt the workshop was getting to the central pulse of Shakespeare and allowing us all to share in that extraordinary language. .... John Heffernan

I found the session very inspiring, your passion and commitment to Shakespeare and the effect it can have on the inmates was amazing. This was proven in their reaction  and the work they produced. Thank you it was a memorable and positive experience. .... Connor Brown