Bully Me;
Bully Who?



A Dreaming Will Initiative Documentary


Dir:  Maren Hahnfeld; Editor: Michael Dixon; Exec. Prod:  Bruce Wall 


Featured Guests:  Nichola McAuliffe, Fenella Fielding, Stephen Shaw,
                              Sir David Ramsbotham


Bully Me; Bully Who? in its 25 minute 24 second entirety, offers a wide variety of perspectives on the subject of 'Bullying', one inherent to any and all institutions.


Bully Me; Bully Who? features original inmate writing on the subject of bullying as performed by the poets themselves and the Olivier Award Winning Actress, Nichola McAuliffe.


Bully Me; Bully Who? studies bullying through the eyes of Shakespeare, specifically in his depiction of the character of Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Oliver Senton)  as presented in Henry VI, Part 3.


Bully Me; Bully Who? features the respected opinions of Stephen Shaw, Prisons Ombudsman for England and Wales and Sir David Ramsbotham, former Chief Inspector of Prisons to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.


Bully Me; Bully Who? features extracts from the LSW Prison Project production of The Wax King.  Narration is supplied by Miss Fenella Fielding. 


The Dreaming Will Initiative is a joint venture between the London Shakespeare Workout (LSW) Prison Project and Prisons Video Magazine (PVM) which (a) trains offenders, ex-offenders and professionals in the applied literacies inherent within the use of digital video (both shooting and editing), specifically as applied to the study of drama and other literature and (b) produces professional programmes on issues of contemporary societal import for distribution to prisons throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Bully Me; Bully Who?  is available for presentation for educational purposes only
on a complimentary basis.  For permission to present Bully Me; Bully Who?
please contact the Dreaming Will Initiative via dreamingwillconquer@hotmail.com