James Gill Gallery

James Gill is the official LSW Photographer
James is a professional photographer and longstanding LSW Member
Samples of his other, award winning work can be seen here


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An LSW Group Shot taken on 6th February 2000.  Here a crowd of participants are held rapt by LSW Guest and many time RSC and RNT veteran, Stephen Boxer

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LSW Member, the vastly experienced actor Michael Good listens intently
as all good actors must

Gill Strip Neve 8.jpg (14064 bytes)

LSW Member Neve Taylor giving new definition to the term 'strip shot'

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Angus Pope enjoying a WitSling moment with LSW Co-ordinator, Bruce Wall, in background

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Another LSW Group Shot in rapt attention

Gill Ali.jpg (15583 bytes)

LSW Member and RSC Veteran Alison Rose intrigued during WitSlings

Gill 9.jpg (12630 bytes) Gill 6.jpg (13645 bytes)

Adrian Fear leading with a line from Shakespeare
matched line for line by Angus Pope's contemporary offering in similar length.
Here, as elsewhere at LSW, Shakespeare is used as a tool to inspire new, original work,
much along the Bard's own glorious line of borrowings.

Gill 7.jpg (18320 bytes)

LSW Member Naomi Lewis gives lie to the fantasy that
television personalities (Emmerdale Farm) lead a soft life.  The work never ends.   It mustn't.
Here Naomi works alongside all others at her craft, luxuriating in the extraordinary language generated in WitSlings.

Gill 31.jpg (22289 bytes)

Three way interspersal of lines during WitSlings

Gill 10.jpg (9252 bytes)

Stephen Boxer, LSW Guest, listens with joy to LSW Member, Richard Nock.
One generation hands on to another.

Glen explains.jpg (13761 bytes)

Another LSW Sunday; another cherished LSW Guest.  Here the wonderful Glen Walford,
Founding Director of the London Bubble, original director of 'Shirley Valentine' in the West End as well as on Broadway; a woman whose productions have been seen throughout Britain, (Former AD of Liverpool Everyman, Bristol Old Vic, ESC, Royal Court, Hampstead, RSC) as well as throughout the world (Israel, Germany, Borneo, Greece, Canada, Austria, China, etc.) shares in an illuminating LSW session highlighting the differences as well as the similarities between 'common' and 'grand' in Henry V in the most economic and practical of means.

WitSling concentration.jpg (14488 bytes) WitSling Concentration 2.jpg (10186 bytes)

Keen concentration is always witnessed during the two minutes in which the WitSlings are written.  Silence here is truly golden, no matter what your position..

Andrew on floor writing.jpg (12575 bytes)

As with all matters LSW, it is the people participating that make the difference.
LSW is about sharing. 
Each learns one from another.

Gill 8 Angus.jpg (11601 bytes) Gill Burns.jpg (18149 bytes) Gill Neve 2.jpg (14048 bytes)

Whichever LSW Sunday it may be there are always two common elements in force:
Shared laughter and respect.  Sharing IS key.  The work at LSW must speak for itself.

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