Search the Works of Shakespeare - Get the quote you lust after by typing in a few words & surprising all in Clumps!!
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare -
Impress one and all.  Match Max & Rachel head on!
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet -
A comprehensive list of links and resources. Definitely worth an LSW visit and spending some time there.
Mining Shakeapearean sites on the Web with the great British Theatre web.
Shakespeare's Life and Times Good resources for historical background information on Shakespeare and his plays.  Set your WitSlings in context!!
Shakespeare in the movies - click here to get a list of movies based on Shakespeare's plays for those 'foggy days in LSW town'.  Now, come on, all hum along!  And, of course, you can always look up a few LSW Guests along the way.
General Resources every self-respecting LSW member should have 'bookmarked' in 'Favourites'
The Shakespeare Web 
The Tech Shakepeare Page at MIT
Oxbridge looks good on anyone's c.v.
The Shakespeare Oxford Society Home Page  
Well, you never know when these might come in handy:  Shakespeare's Monologues and while you're at it have a look at Simon Dunmore's (an LSW Guest) page which has lots of advice for actors - including lists of Shakespeare speeches that are too often used in audition. Your treat: Simon Dunmore

Shakespearean Insults - Dear Mother, You ........: Signed, respectfully,
                                                                           Your loving son/daughter.
Shakespeare Illustrated - Self Explanatory, I think.
Shakespeare Sites - Your choice.
The Globe - In terms of Performance Sites and Shakespeare: this is 'The MAN'.  The rest are mere mice.  Extraordinary.
Royal Shakespeare Company   - Duty insists: The Queen's offical resource, and the Govenment's choice.   Amazing that so much good can still live within a juggernaut.  LSW has been honoured with guest visits by many key members/Associate Directors, among them Janet Suzman, Philip Voss, David Tennant, Gemma Jones, Sam West, Lynne Farleigh, Stephen Boxer, Colin George, Greg Hicks and Estelle Kohler.
The Alabama Shakespeare Festival - Starting in Anniston, moving into Montgomery on an estate with a Southern General's vast fortune, this State (AL) will never be the same.  The Civil War's been won aright.
The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC
Starting as the Folger in the beautiful panelled library
not far from the Capital Building, now moved into a
beautiful new theatre (without the pillars) in a shopping precinct.  Shakespeare has come to 'the people' in Washington.
New Jersey Shakespeare Festival - Having survived
Paul Barry, a triumph of matter over mind, this organisation has moved from strength to strength.
Utah Shakespearean Festival- If you want costumes, this is definitely the place for you, bettered only by the next link.  Oh, and these - Colorado Shakespeare Festival -- are pretty too.  Of course, if you want scenery, either will do. To give credit where credit is due, it was designed by God.
The Stratford Festival: Ontario, CA - What can one say?  Well, one London Times Critic said: 'If the RSC had the money, this is what they'd look like.'  It has had its ups and downs but Dame Maggie Smith has been known to whisper: 'The Festival Theatre's stage is itself an emotional experience itself".  Starting in a tent with Guinness in Richard III under the direction of Tyrone Gutherie, the great designer Tanya Mosievitch gave the world a theatre it has long strove and failed to match.  It is hard to imagine that particular brand of magic striking twice and, with apologies to New Labour, the Dome's will not even make a dent.
ACTER - A long standing British theatrical organisation which does much to promote Shakespeare in Colleges in the U.S., and an active employer of admired British theatrical talents.   LSW Guest, Gareth Armstrong, is an Associate Director, as is LSW Guest David Rintoul and upcoming LSW Guest Vivien Heilbron
to New Labour, the Dome's will not even make a dent.
OSC - The Original Shakespeare Company - This is a wonderful organisation, led by a devoted group of actors and spearheaded by Patricik Tucker, which seeks to do Shakespeare in as 'original' a fashion as may well be available to us today.  The promotion of the glories inherant in the First Folio have much to thank this devoted group of artists for their fervent and entertaining promotion of the aforementioned through skillful active demonstration.  Certainly LSW was greatly privileged to be able to share in a very small slice of the same through a blissfully pithy guest session led by the esteemed actor and OSC leader, Nicholas Day.
The Shaw Festival: Ontario, Canada - Another gift to the theatrical firmament from the Canadian Government.  LSW Guest Barry Morse was fundamental in founding this amazing institution.
The Roundabout Theatre Company - A survival story that shouldn't have, but did.  An occasional oasis in a frequently parched desert, wrong it can be but 'it is'.  Suriving in the Big Apple on this scale takes some doing.
The Almeida - It's true, Virginia, Artistic Visions can be realised.  With no aspirsions raised against the very talented Ms. Kidman, this is 'true' theatrical viagra.  Audiences can and do join a partnership of joy.  To this fact: the Almeida delivers in  testament.
The National Theatre - Where would we be without it?  Ask Chris. LSW has been honoured with many Guest visits from personnel associated with this great institution.
Chichester Festival Theatre   - Britian's answer to the pretty costume parade and dry spin, with a current sweep of youthful excitement.  Stay tuned.
Yahoo's List of Companies - Oh, sod it.  They've got more time on their hands than I do - and they get paid for it!! 
The Cherub Theatre Company - For over twenty years The Cherub Theatre Company, led by Andrew Visnevski, who has given two wonderful LSW guest sessions, has forged a dynamic and dangerous artistic identity, bridging a gap between text-based classical theatre and "total theatre" combining popular theatre with masque; Commedia dell'Arte alongside the visually stimulating Eastern European theatre tradition in productions seen in the U.K. and throughout the world.
Theatre Nomad - Led by the remarkable Luke Dixon, a man for whom theatrical fear does not have a description and whom LSW has been privileged to welcome twice as a guest, Theatre Nomad has long produced innovative presentations of both classical and contemporary texts.   Luke's production of Macbeth was hailed in South Africa; as was his all-female production of Hamlet in Paris.  Upcoming are a new production of Faust performed by three actors and a revival of Theatre Nomad's Twelfth Night in early 01 for presentation in China, the US and Brazil.
ArtSearch  - Looking for gainful production work in the U.S.  Don't bother to travel any further. 
Oh, and while your at it why not dig into some of these.   Yum, yum. Just like the sample counter at Harrods:-
And to steal from the best why not try these if you find you have a lifetime.   However, please don't blame me if you end up losing your job:-
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