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London Shakespeare Workout LSW: London Shakespeare Workout

Tell me, Will, what would you say was the best way to firmly define the undefineable, the universal?

Well, perhaps you're right.

We'll leave it to

However, dear reader, you may achieve some semblance of succour, some likeness of relief, by flipping through the following:-

London Shakespeare Workout Here you'll find a feeble attempt at explication - insofar as such is possible, with our apologies in advance to Will:   LSW? .... What is 'LSW'?
London Shakespeare Workout Assuming that you found the foregoing remotely interesting, perhaps now you may feel the urge to select:  LSW: The Histories!
London Shakespeare Workout Having now been thoroughly thwarted thus far by the the advance of aforementioned verbiage, why not try another's:- LSW: The Joy of the Text!
London Shakespeare Workout As of the beginning of the 21st Century, we will be keeping The LSW Diaries with apologies to Sir Peter Hall for stealing part of his title!
London Shakespeare Workout If, however, all else fails and, should you be in the slightest regard interested, you can always come and see for yourself: Please note details below:-







LSW, the London Shakespeare Workout is, simply, at root, a 'Gym for the Bard'; a public service for the professional theatrical community, held on a vast array of regular Sundays each year within the creative splendour of The Art Room, 152 Arlington Road, Camden, London, NW1 (map) betweeen the hours of 1330 (1.30 p.m.) and 1700 (5.00 p.m.).  Camden Town is the closest tube stop and there is provision for free Sunday parking.  For more specific details please click on 'News' seek our contacts or send an e-mail.   Please note that, if you have not already attended, you should send your details forthwith to: Bruce Wall, LSW Co-ordinator, 181A Faunce House, Doddington Grove, Kennington, London SE17 3TB.  A response will be received in due course thereafter.