A Little Slice of 'This England'- That Green and Pleasant Land
Please read below map for more explicit detail

lsw map.gif (9627 bytes)

All you do, Your Majesty, is take the tube, (... yes, Your Majesty,
that's right, the UNDER GROUND ...) to Camden Town.
True, that's on the Northern Line, but you'll live.  On that I'll swear
my alligence, and probably end up eating it too whilst waiting
for trains to change at Kennington -- but that's another story --.
I've been doing it (-- the 'Tube' that is, Your Majesty -- )
for two years now and I've lived to tell the tail.  Many tales
in fact.  You come out on Camden High Street, make an
immediate right onto Parkway (that's the delightful street
full of Calvin Klein hawkers in ill citrus' orange on the map)
and take the first Left which is our beloved Arlington Road.

The Workout takes place in the Art Room, 152 Arlington
Road, NW1. (Yes, Your Majesty, NW1's that little bit in regal
red that's cut off in the map above.)  The Art Room comes replete
with a long staircase so you can make a grand entrance.  If you're
lucky, like Richard Dreyfuss, (...That's right, Your Majesty,
one of your former colonials...) you may even get to make a
grand exit.  The workout (-- I beg your pardon, --) the 'LSW'
Workout takes place in the gloriously creative, Art Room run by
the exhuberantl Nellie Shepard.  You'll usually find LSW posters on
the door of a Sunday and it's hard to miss because it is immediately
opposite Our Lady of Hal, most appropriately named, and next to
an estate agent who works out of of a double decker.  Yes,
My Liege, that's right, 'decoratively functional'.

Of course if you are having the driver bring and fetch you, Your
Majesty, and if  he (or she) should be of a theatrical bent, then
please inform them that there is plenty of free parking of a Sunday
in the streets around the Workout but they should come at least a
quarter hour early to ensure themselves of securing a place.  Camden
Town  market is, you see, busy on Sundays, My Loving Soverign. 
In any event, they need just park the Daimler and then one and all

                                                                                              God; SAVE the King!! -- PLEASE!!!