Nellie's Art Room

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Without the generous support of Nellie, the wonderful West End actress, Fenella Shepard (herself christened after LSW Guest, Fenella Fielding), and her ever tireless patron saint (her mother), Jeanne, LSW would be truly homeless.  The ever-burgeoning all at LSW wish to extend their most sincere and eternal thanks to both of these wonderful women.  We will be building several web pages shortly to illustrate the vast range of activities which Nellie's Art Room in and of itself encompasses.  This includes some incredible work with underprivileged children and the M.A.D. Birthday Parties, but just for this moment in time the following few colourful pictorials will have to suffice as an vivid enticement!!  The vast rainbow of colours seen in the ever changing art created by a wide variety of children ranging in age from five to fifteen and led by Nellie and her acutely artistic team are as limitless as the imaginations on display within the largess of the 1,300 sq. ft. art room, (itself created by Nellie out of a rectory basement).   Long may we discover the huge joy inherant in Nellie's all embracing capacity.

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Painting the ubiquitous 'Nellie's Art Class' Sign
to bookend with one merrily christened 'Happy Birthday'

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Budding Artists Anxious to Begin ...

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... Whilst Budding ...

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... And In Celebration of Having Budded!!

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Every M.A.D. Birthday Party has its own unique theme.  Here one is being set up on the theme of the 'American Revolution'. 
We'll just call Nellie the Besty Ross of Arlington Road. 
Fire those torpedoes - Full Speed Ahead!!

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The Sign having been well and truly finished, its time to view just one of the many walls at Nellies.  These -- the walls that is -- change weekly much to the delight of all at LSW!  Talk about a creative atmosphere within which to play!!  Please believe us when we say that:  IT'S NOT TO BE BEATEN!