LSW Shakespeare Workshop in NYC with
  RSC veterans Greg Hicks & Lynn Farleigh
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Greg Hicks as Himself

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As Valmont for the RSC in London's West End

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As Aufidius in Coriolanus
with Sir Ian McKellen
at the RNT

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In Sir Peter Hall's celebrated
revival of Pinter's
The Homecoming with
Warren Mitchell
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Lynn Farleigh as Herself


will be starring in the RSC's
production of  T. S. Eliot's
verse drama THE FAMILY
The production has already
been hailed in Stratford
& London



Proffering a wonderful opportunity to work directly with two of Britain's greatest artists, LSW is sponsoring a special session in NYC in  celebration of the RSC's appearances at BAM on Sunday, 14th May 2000.  Specific information is as below:-

DATE:  Sunday, 14th May 2000
12:00 noon to 5.00 p.m. EST
                    (1200 - 1700 GMT)
Stella Adler Conservatory
                           419 Lafayette Street
(immediately next to the Public Theatre)
$6 - to cover building costs


LSW (The London Shakespeare Workout), a weekly 'gym for the Bard' has been running for just over two years in London.  It sponsors many special outreach programmes, e.g., LSW Prison Project and LSW: Junior Inter-ACT wherein modified workouts are taken into prisons and schools.  Among those who have honoured LSW as guest participants (many more than once) are Dame Dorothy Tutin, Gemma Jones, Janet Suzman, Desmond Barrit, Sam West, Richard Dreyfuss, Franco Zefferelli, John McEnry, Estelle Kohler as well as, of course, Greg and Lynn.  Should you be interested in learning more about LSW please see our website by entering:-


'But what,' I hear you pondering, 'will this session entail?'  Good question:  A brief breakdown follows:-

  1200 - 1220   Physical/Vocal Warm-up
  1220 - 1240   Shakespeare Insult Kit
  1240 - 1330   Iambits
(original responses in Iambic/                                 Acting Workout)
  1330 - 1400   Emotional Reality in                             Shakespeare
  (as presented at LSW
                              by Gemma Jones)

  1400 - 1420   Interspersing
  1420 - 1500   Bardbites

                           (Interactive Shakespeare)
  1500 - 1600   Work For Commentary                            with Lynn Farleigh
  1600 - 1700   Guest Session
                         with Greg Hicks

For more specific detail on the items specified above please refer to


Should you be interested in participating, please post your details to:-

LSW NYC Session
c/o LSW Promotions NYC
529 West 42nd Street, Suite 8-M
New York, NY  10036  USA

or e-mail to

or fax to 011 44 171 546 5134

Your kind co-operation and support of the dream which is LSW is very greatly appreciated.


   News regarding this very special  
       event will be posted as it comes in. 


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Receiving raves for his performance in the leading role of Harry in THE FAMILY REUNION, GREG HICKS, is hailed as one of Britain's finest actors having appeared copiously at the RSC, Royal National Theatre, doing a great deal of work for the Peter Hall Company at the Old Vic as well as on television and film.  Of his performance in THE FAMILY
REUNION, Michael Billington in The Guardian extolled: 
'The evening's chief pleasure lies in the performance by Greg Hicks as Harry. Rarely have I heard an actor so skilfully give formal verse a conversational rhythm by the simple expedient of emphasising the key word in each line.' For a full biography (and a peek at his 22 page resume) please see a website built by his fans here.   

Lynn Farleigh is to London what Uta Hagen is to New York. Lynn's luminous performance as Agatha in Adrian Noble's RSC production of The Family Reunion has been justly celebrated.  At the National Theatre Lynne’s credits, among many, include Machinal, Inadmissible Evidence, The Way South, Inventing a New Colour, The Mysteries, The Orton Diaries, The Crucible, Close of Play and Brand; with the English Shakespeare Company her acclaimed work has included Lady M in Macbeth; Volumnia in Coriolanus and Paulina in The Winter’s Tale. Moreover, Lynn has been rightfully hailed for her work at theatres throughout the UK.  On the box, Lynn is perhaps best known as Helen Wycliffe in Wycliffe, but has also been hugely praised for appearances in Inspector Morse, Casualty, Pride and Prejudice, Finney, Ruth Rendall - Mouse in the Corner; Sweet Nothings, Steptoe and Son and many more credits in all media. Lynn's three LSW sessions have been breathtaking.  For a full account of her last visit in January of 2000 please click here.