LSW Professional Forum Application

The Professional Forum holds confidential casting information.  By filling out this form and submitting it for review means that you are actively promising, should your application be accepted, to guarantee (a) the confidentiality of the materials contained therein and (b) to maintain a professional decorum in all casting situations which may be derived through the information contained within the remit of the LSW Professional Forum.  Failure to adhere to the above LSW Professional Forum stricture will lead to immediate expulsion.  For members in the United Kingdom selected to participate in the LSW Professional Forum, basic guidelines for membership within the LSW Professional Forum include active participation in no less than three (3) LSW Sunday Sessions during any six month period and participation in no less than one (1) of the LSW Community Outreach programmes, be it with the LSW: Prison Project or LSW: Junior Inter-ACT, or any other incentive untaken by LSW.  There will be no exception to this provision, except in the most extreme of circumstances wherein physical participation was not possible, and passwords will be renewed each half year.

The following form will be submitted by e-mail to the the authorities at LSW and your application will be reviewed and membership status advanced in due course.  Your kind patience is requested.  It will be understood that your opinions and active posting of information will be greatly valued.    Your kind consideration and cunning creativity whilst filling out the form below is greatly appreciated.


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Enter two character names from Shakespeare to be used as potential LSW Professional
Forum passwords  in the space provided below.

Why do you feel the LSW Professional Forum could be a valuable asset for you?   Would you be willing to post information onto the LSW Professional Forum that you were aware of or might hear on the street for the benefit of others?  Do you feel comfortable in sharing with your fellow theatrical peers in terms of your professional goals and aspirations?  Do you feel readily capable of taking joy in the celebration of others' achievements, especially those of your friends?

What would you like to suggest for new LSW incentives; new LSW guests; new aspects to LSW Sundays or anything else you would like to see which could help make LSW new and exciting?  Your input is hugely valued.  LSW Participants are our wealth.   Your opinions are key to LSW's success.

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Last revised: February 18, 2000