LSW Prison Project
Security & Professional Protocols



  • Whilst there is a very serious intent, it is crucial that you should Have Fun. If you do, the inmates will as well. You should want to share the joy of your work.

  • Dress Conservatively. Wear comfortable clothes as if you were going to rehearsal. Be covered.

  • Bring your passport, drivers licence or other piece of significant identification to ensure Security clearance at the Prison’s main gate.

  • Do leave any valuables you may have on your person in a safety area defined prior to the Workout itself.

  • When the inmates enter the Workout space, you should extend your hands to them and greet them warmly. Be interested in them. They will make the day for you, much as you may well make it for them.

  • As long as it is not in any manner which could be mistrued as provocative, it is vitally important to involve the inmates. Don’t be frightened to bring them into a Clumps or an Interspersing Segment, much as you might any other actor.

  • If you ever have any safety or other concerns, do ask the prison staff member present. Don’t hesitate.

  • In the case of Clumps ALL LSW members are expected to participate.

  • Do Interact. Always involve the Inmates. IN CLUMPS – THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY. Bring them in – Use them as characters. If they respond – and we hope they will – hold to your text – or change text if you think it apropos. You should always be next to an inmate, and not another LSW member unless specifically directed otherwise by the Workout Co-ordinator.

  • If special guests are present: (journalists, cameras, dignitaries, other staff including Governors, royalty, etc.) treat them as if they were just another participant.

  • DO ALWAYS REWARD. When an imate is GOOD – TELL THEM THEY’RE GREAT. THEY, like all of us, NEED IT.

  • Do not give UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, short of your first name, your address, stage name, car make or any other piece of peronal information in terms of outside ‘identification’ to an inmate.

  • Don’t UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask an inmate after his offense, and refuse any information on the same should such be offered you. They are serving their time, we are there to assist, hopefully with the future. LSW maintains a ‘Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell’ policy.

  • Don’t UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE bring anything with you into the prison other than that which is immediately necessary to (a) the workout and (b) your well being. Mobile phones will be collected and stored at the main gate, and no metal items (umbrellas, spoons, etc.) are permitted once inside.

  • Don’t UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES dress provocatively. You must be covered. Do not wear unduely tight fitting clothing, or anything which could be misinterpreted as sexully stimulating, (e.g., leather trousers, etc.) Jeans, t-shirts (rehearsal clothes) are fine.

  • If an Inmate or a Prison Official wishes to contact you, they must IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES do so by writing c/o the LSW Prison Project and all communication MUST be forwarded through the Education Office of the Prison in question.

  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should there be any sexually provocative behaviour involving any inmate, LSW or Prison/Education Staff Member. This includes such activities as kissing, blowing of kisses, sitting in laps, stroking with intent, etc. Any suggestion of such will result in immediate termination of LSW association and potential criminal charges. Inmates in particular are vulnerable as, being in prison, they meet with limited outside contact.

  • IF AN LSW PRISON PROJECT MEMBER MONITOR (2 on each session) asks you to cease a certain activity DO SO IMMEDIATELY. Only question them, should you wish, afterwards.

  • Don’t be frightened. You are safer inside than you are in many outside theatrical locations.