HMP Bedford                  Wednesday, 16th April 2003


To the Shakespeare Crew

I thought it only right that after such an excellent performance today that I write to the address which you gave to us and say thank you to you all.  A special thanks to Steph who helped me to act out a short play with herself and another inmate.  I have to admit that even the thought of taking part made me very apprehensive but within five minutes of being in the classroom I was enjoying myself and Iím sure that everyone else was too.  The downside of this afternoon was of course the heat, but we got on with it regardless and what an outcome.  I really canít stress enough how much fun I had and how much I appreciate what you did for us today.  I think I discovered a hidden talent.  I wonít go on and bore you to death as I think I got my point across so until I write again or I have some poetry for you,

Take care and be well,


PS:  Enclosed is a short letter from my cellmate who also took part.