Swimming With
A Fist of Reason

Supplicant:   Woody
Addressed to:   No. 1 Governor


Dear Sir

I have been working with the cast of The Wax King at Pentonville.  It is something that has given me hope and direction in a form I have always loved (Drama).  Whilst in the midst of this play in which I have important parts both acting and playing music, I was released quite suddenly.  I have kept in touch with Bruce, the Director, for days hoping this situation can be resolved.  I showed commitment to the play and now that I have been released I am committed to do whatever you deem fit in order to carry on in fulfilling this role as I know I'm needed.  I will abide by your rules, stay with the cast and am happy to be fully strip searched on arrival.

Sir, in a nut shell, this gives me something I don't have:  Hope.  It also offers the future opportunity to work with other drama projects.  Please would you consider this for me.

Yours faithfully,

K. Woods