Dear Governor Davies,

My colleague Sarah and I attended the performance of The Wax King presented in the chapel at Pentonville.

I am sure you will have received many accolades already.  Over a good number of years I have attended performances given within other prisons, but I felt that as an example of co-operation between your lads and the actors, this rated very highly.  I heard comments from other members of the audience expressing their admiration for the fact that even with such a short rehearsal period, everyone was word perfect and they carried themselves with great confidence and style.

It is possible for you to put this letter on a notice board, or convey my congratulations to all concerned for such an interesting evening.  I hope that it proves possible for you at Pentonville to present many more such activities.  I know from my experience of working within the mental health field, just how important it is to empower people with self-esteem and confidence.

Yours sincerely,

Hilary Pugh
Project Co-ordinator
Wandsworth MIND
Wieston Road Community Project