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Annabel Capper

An artist of great sweep and magnitude, Annabel most recently completed work on a new film by Tony Palmer about Chopin in which she played the composer's sister opposite Paul Rhys, Penelope Wilton and Michael Gough. A LAMDA graduate, Annabel recently completed recording the role of Helen of Troy in Troilus & Cressida for Arkangel/Riverrun Productions alongside Philip Voss and David Troughton. Annabel possess a haunting voice - both speaking and singing - and moves with a sleek finesse wholly befitting her vivid intelligence.

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Eva Fontaine

A Webber Douglas graduate, Eva is an gifted actress of enormous range. Having played a celebrated Titania with the English Shakespeare Company, Eva brings a unique musicality to every role she works on be it a hugely witty Jamaican Nurse in R&J (Heritage Prods.), a sassy June in the modern American classic Fifth of July or a soul searching, searingly funny Malvolio in a gender-reversed Twelfth Night (BAC). A talented actress, singer and dancer, Eva is, without question, a triple threat!

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Ruth Kulerman

'Ruth Kulerman', Michael Finegold of the Village Voice extolled, 'is droll, like a roller coaster running over a string of firecrackers'. Guaranteed to generate rave reviews, our flame-red haired Ruth's creations are crammed with the detail for which her craft is justly celebrated. Graced with dual nationality (UK/US), a PhD in English Literature and a glorious soprano, Ruth has been hailed for her performances both in New York (e.g., Lacey /Quintessential Image for John Glines; Moll/Sharon for Geraldine Fitzgerald, The Countess in All's Well & Nurse/R&J, Nat'l Shakespeare) as well as throughout the U.S. in parts ranging from Margaret in Life with Father opposite Robert Reed in Akron, Ohio to Madam Arcarti in Blithe Spirit and Mam in And a Nightingale Sang at Utah's celebrated Lyric Theatre. On film Ruth has played everything from the eccentric Betsy in Payday with Theodore Bikel and Jimmy Breslin to a role entirely in French in Blue Xmas with Joanna Going and Bob Hogan. 'Ruth Kulerman imbues her roles', the New York Times exclaimed, 'with subtle sense, honesty, confidence and good humor.' A rare find indeed.

Audrey Leybourne

Audrey Leybourne

A theatrical angel with all of the graces and none of the airs, Audrey Leybourne has enjoyed a vast theatrical career beginning by touring with Sir Donald Wolfit’s celebrated company and expanding into a multitude of West End appearances, including the musicals My Fair Lady and Me & My Girl as well as a host of Royal gala performances and being celebrated on television as of the original, much beloved ‘Roly Polys. Audrey, a jack of many theatrical trades, is as like to quote Shakespeare (of which her knowledge is vast) as she is Gershwin. At home in Panto as she is in Shaw, Audrey is a sure bet if you are in search of a polished professional. You’ll never need to fear that Audrey will deliver. Her history speaks for itself. Moreover, her enormous energies would be the envy of anyone thrice her junior. Troupers like this are just not made any more. Their joy exists to be cherished.

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Adčle Lynch

A statuesque blonde capable of both tough and tender, Adčle, a Mountview graduate, has already been seen in everything from a Rugby Player on The Bill, a stock trader in the celebrated Brixton Shorts and Kate in The Shrew (Heritage Prods.) to a seductive Orsino in a gender reversed Twelfth Night.(BAC), the voluptuous First Witch in Pidgin Makbed for Ken Campbell at the RNT; and the sadly abused wife in Platanov with Judi Bowker at the Gatehouse. Without question Adčle is commercial and when she hits it is going to be with a considerable bang! There is no crowd in which she will not stand out.

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Suzy Marston

A fiercely intelligent performer capable of great variety for one so young, Suzy grew up in Cambridge where she performed with the Cambridge Theatre Company, Snap Theatre and in many University Productions at the Cambridge Arts and Junciton Theatres.  Suzy's early training was with the esteemed National Youth Theatre from which she went on to study English/Dramatic Literature at Oxford University, graduating in 1999.  A key member of the LSW: Prison Project, Suzy is currently embarked in her first fully professional theatre job at the Chitchester Festival.  This is definitely a talent to watch. 

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Robyn Moore

A hugely charismatic performer, Robyn recently completed a six month stint etching the controversial leading role of Maggie in Family Affairs for Channel Five, for which she was nominated for several major awards. Experienced in all mediums replete with a keen musicality, Robyn also has a vast theatrical background appearing at, among many, the RNT, Lyric Hammersmith and the Gate. Robyn will be seen this summer as Iago in the Shakespeare 2000 production of Othello at the Theatre Royal Portsmouth, playing Shakespeare's villian, not as a man, but as a woman.  Having graced a wide variety of major tours, inclusive of Glass Menagerie opposite Sîan Philips, Robyn brings a vast array of colours to any character she tackles.

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Louise Morell

A dynamic presence, Louise, is capable of enormous range in terms of casting type, being a chameleon in terms of dialectical skills and physical outlooks. A Drama Studio graduate, Louise has successfully delineated roles such as Elizabeth I in the Internet project 'An Audience With' on the Education channel, has been hailed for her colourful depiction of Lady Capulet at the West End's Bloomsbury Theatre, and likewise for her sweetly cunning Gwendolyn Fairfax on a national tour of Earnest. Amongst many credits in all media, she recently recorded both Juliet and Puck for RSC/Pavilion Books.

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Rachel Morris

Diminutive in nothing but stature, Rachel is a widely versatile performer having etched a major career in all media in Australia. Returning to her native Britain, Rachel brings intelligence and grace to each role she undertakes and has forged keen interactive success through her participation in the LSW: Prison Project.

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Sarah Rice

Perhaps the definition of a basic 'all rounder', Sarah is celebrated for her pliability in terms of casting potential. Recently returned from France where she filmed the role of Gabrielle, the village school teacher, for Carlton TV's Monsignor Renard; Sarah also appeared in Venus & Adonis at Regent Park's Open Air Theatre. A Carleton Hobbs Award Winner, Sarah has tackled an  immense range of roles for BBC Radio drama, most recently in A Murder is Announced opposite June Whitfield and as the female lead in the recent serialisation of The Moonstone and a new series with Sir Donald Sinden. Apart from a keen theatrical acumen, Sarah, both an Oxbridge and Bristol Old Vic graduate, possesses a beautiful singing voice, plays the piano and dances with silken elegance and won rave notices this past Xmas in the title role of Charlotte's Web at the Trinity Arts Centre - just to bring this full circle to a neat and complete close.


Alison Rose

That old fashioned entity, an actress who earned her stripes, Alison developed her craft through work at a large number of this country's major repertory theatres. It was as a proud member of the RSC that she returned to London, appearing, amongst many, as Tilda Price and The Infant Phenomenon in Nicholas Nickleby both in Stratford as well as on Broadway and in LA. A petite powerhouse with a voice stretching three octaves, Alison has delighted in everything from Thrasilene in the televised triumph of Tom Jones (a medium in which her credits have been copious) to Tussy, her celebrated one woman show on Eleanor Marx seen both at the Almeida and the King’s Head. Dare one say it? (It’s not always popular nowadays.) Alison Rose is experience personified: A professional who can be wholly depended upon to deliver her scoops of joy with a confident sheen and a sincerity which is never sullen. As Gershwin would have it: Who could ask for anything more?

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Neve Taylor

A dynamic force with an immediately instinctive ability to communicate throughout the ever enlargening cross sections of audiences, Neve possesses a strong voice matched with a colourful intellect; one never intimidated by challenge; theatrical or otherwise. Industry and imagination mark out all of this popular team player's work as 'Special' whether it be in front of a camera, playing on any one of the nations' stages or as a Team Leader for the ever burgeoning LSW: Prison Project. Neve's acute theatrical skill has been well tried, firmly tested and has consistently been proven true. A definite check mark should be placed in this column if a defining creativity is within your remits’ bailiwick.

Helen Tennison

Helen Tennison

The theatrically dynanic Ms. Tennison's wide range of experience ranges from Shakespeare to Street Theatre; from pulsating Theatrical Dance to Modern Classics having most recently returned from portraying the title role in 'Educating Rita' at the English Theatre of Copenhagen, where her previous appeareances in the Christmas review shows as, amongst many, a Bond girl and Tarazan's Jane, have garnered superlatives.  Always pushing herself forward into fresh perspectives, Helen has frequently appeared internationally in everthing from Juliet in Romeo & Juliet in Romania to doing much valued dramatic work with Aborigional children in central Australia.   Currently producing (devising, co-directing and performing in) her third show with her own physical theatre company, 'Bare Feat', Helen's energies are wholly infectious.

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