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Re: Recommendation

From: Simon Dunmore
Date: 19/02/00
Time: 19:45:58


Oh God! It sounds as though this is going to be what I feared. None of Branagh's Shakespeare films have had any value - this one seems to have dived further into the pit of commercialism. "Love's Labour's Lost" is quite the most beautiful of the early comedies. It surpases that boring "Dream" by a million miles. It's problem is in those comedic references, which are so (on paper) difficult to understand nowadays. However, they will work if the actors understand in their souls what they are communicating - and don't compromise with lots of gesturing/demonstration. I respect (deeply) Branagh's commercial 'nouse' but he'll have to pay me to see this one if further information compounds this 'review'. Standing tall on my soapbox, Simon Dunmore <>

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