An Inaugural Shakespearean Reverie for the 21st Century

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-- A Pictorial Record --

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Eager Ears listen for clues as to what is to entail until ...

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A Bardish slumber ensues: 'Breathe and Release'.

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The LSW Shakeathon Induction is begun  ....

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for those willing and ready to share in the potential of the programme orginally christened by its creator, the wonderful actor Robert Langdon-Lloyd, as 'Shakespeare Dreaming'.

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Each individual prepares peacefully to commence holding a mirror up to nature, alongside that of the combined convictions of other colourfully courageous theatrical imaginations.

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After a litanty of names, 'Wierd Sister/Sir Eglamour', etc., have been sounded, they are almost at once bettered by descriptive phrases piled on those same names; 'Oh, bully bottom', Thou rank harlot', etc.   At last, after finally being hearlded both by a topping chorus of phrases, ('My crown is in my heart not on my head', etc.,) the first of many rounds of glorious musical phrases are sounded from the keyboard by the wonderful composer and musical arranger, Paul Ayres.  As each and all awake from their physical slumber there follows a communal plea for a muse of fire to be lit anew led by Max Bonamy  ...

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afterwhich the reverie commences.  Each and all begin to revel in both the drama and delight of the Shakespearean language rewakening in a celebration of the birth of the Bard for the third time in LSW's brief history.

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Having witnessed more than a few lives rounded with a sleep, all return to the slumber from which they came: 'Breathe and Release';

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and prepare to face a brave new world

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that has such creatures on it.

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All photographs displayed herein are by James Gill, the official LSW photographer.  Please hit the bar before returning home!