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Of paled pearls and rubies red as blood

Whilst lust and murder wake to stain and kill

From: Julia Mitchell
Date: 23/02/00
Time: 15:11:42


The house sleeps well with voices yet so still

'Tis time', she whispers, 'Tis time, for death waits

Impatient, brooding, hungry at your gates.

From: Rachel Morris
Date: 06/01/00
Time: 23:38:42


Of paled pearls and rubies, red as blood

Their tears I'll wed. They'll smear as thick as mud.

Your start from bed breeds but my lonely time,

I'll now not wash our sheets but with my brine.

My love for you is brave and resolute.

You've ta'en all of my heart. Left me still mute.

If all the world is rich; we are but free.

We've gained great wealth through love, our Liberty.

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