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And long upon these terms I held my city

That from the cold stone sparks of fire do fly

From: Louise Burns
Date: 23/02/00
Time: 15:33:33


Is that my house where all the flames rise high?

Who then 'tis that hates me so very much?

I can't surely say, but I've got a hunch.

You eat my food, you drink my wine at lunch.

All I ever ask is that your plate's washed.

Still now, you'd burn all down in simple spite.

Giving little mind to wrong or to right

As long as your head could win its main fight

Grinning to make us watch that sick sight, now

That from the cold stone sparks of fire do fly,

From: Paul Jackson
Date: 07/01/00
Time: 10:28:22


From York I come, not this fair London town.

So if you feel my accent be too gritty

For this offence I beg don't do me down.

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