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In bloodless white and the encrimson'd mood

What Following Sorrow May on this Arise

From: Alison Rose
Date: 23/02/00
Time: 15:50:43


What following sorrow may on this arise?

Should I snatch for myself this glitt'ring prize?

Forsaking children, husband, families all

Their sensibilities at once appal

Whilst I made richer by this love you show

Made pooer too by all the pain they'll know.

From: Rebecca Harrop
Date: 07/01/00
Time: 10:52:54


I lay my body back against the bed.

He touched his mouth so gently to his food

And clasped his hand so tightly 'bout my head.

'Ahhh' I sighed. Gasped breath, bare bosom heaving;

Ringlets shone blonde as sun on snow sheathing.

'You wouldn't guess I was the daughter of Van Helsing?'

He jolted. 'AAAH!' Shrilly screatched: 'I'm leaving.'

'In bloodless white and the encrimson'd mood?

I'm but an empty dish bereft of food.'

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